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You have finally decided on going for a safari trip in East Africa, specifically Uganda. You’ve decided upon the places to visit and which tourist activities to do but still puzzled on how to get there, and which transport means to use. Well, you can rent a car in Uganda any time to use while on a safari either on self drive or with chauffeur services no matter whether you planned your trip itinerary by your self.

However, before choosing which car to rent, you need to consider a number of things. First, how many are you intending to use the vehicle, which places to visit; national parks, historical sites, cities etc and activities to do. A car best for a game drive in a national park might not be ideal for a city tour.

Choosing a car type to rent can also be determined by the kind of accommodation you wish to book. It can seem useless for one who intends to use a hotel lodge/ guest house for accommodation to book for a roof tented vehicle.

And the mother of all, a car suitable for a safari in Uganda and Africa in general must be a four wheel drive (4WD)/ 4X4 due to the nature of the roads in most places with top tourist attractions. For instance, you can use any kind of vehicle such as a Toyota Premio to transport you to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for mountain gorilla tracking but it is ideal to consider a 4X4 SUV that can beat the unpredictable road conditions in the park.

Here are the top cars to consider for hiring once you have decided to go for an Adventure Safari in Uganda;

Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser used for safaris in Uganda come in a number of blends but the most popular for self drive is the Land Cruiser Prado TX/TZ.

safari Landcruiser in park

This is a 4 – seater large SUV that always come with a pop up roof. It is either manually or automatically transmitted. So it depends on which type is comfortable for you to drive. Though many use petrol, there are some land cruisers that take petrol. The vehicle has enough space for luggage and air conditioner.


  • The prices for hiring a Toyota Land cruiser TX on a self drive range from USD 65 to 80 per day depending on the Car Rental company you have used.
Other Land Cruisers

safari land cruiser extendedOther blends of land cruiser include the ‘Safari’ Land cruiser short and extended, customized specifically for African Safaris. These are rarely rented on self drive. The short Land cruiser carries up to 5 while the extended 7 passengers.

  • Prices for the short range from USD 120 to 150 per day with a driver and the extended between USD 200 to 250 day.

Toyota RAV 4

The Toyota Rav4 is the most popular vehicle rented on self drive safaris in Uganda. This because of it’s efficiency in not only on the road but also in the wallet. Fuel consumption is favorable as well as it’s cost.

Toyota Rav4 5-door

The Rav4 also come in two kinds; the Rav4 five – door and the short (3 – doors). They both carry up to four passenger but to consider comfort-ability, the Rav4 5-door would be considered for 3 passengers and the short for 1 passenger and the rear sets used as luggage space since it doesn’t have a boot.

The Rav4 5-door has enough space for luggage and for campers, you can travel comfortably with your camping gear (for 2 people).

Toyota Rav4 short

Both vehicles are either manually or automatically transmitted though manual Rav4s are quite rare in Uganda. Their engines are mostly run by petrol though you can find some that are diesel powered.

  • The prices for hiring a Rav4 5-door range from USD 40 – 50 while the short ranges from USD 35 to 45.

Toyota Safari Van

This is the best Safari vehicle to rent for travelers in groups. It carries up to 9 passenger while seated comfortably. The Toyota Safari Van available for rental in Uganda are mostly manually transmitted. They either consume petrol or diesel.

A Toyota Safari Van
A Toyota Safari Van

A Safari van come with a pop-up roof and ideal for game drives since its windows also provide outstanding views to the surrounding while in the Park.

  • A safari van is hired between USD 70 – 85 per day on self drive.

Land Cruiser Roof Top Tent

This is the best car to rent by campers. It is a version of a land cruiser customized with a tent at its top. The Land Cruiser Rooftop tent is a four passenger seater, either manually or automatically transmitted and consumes either petrol or diesel.


This vehicle has a good space for luggage and is always equipped with other Safari camping gear including A water proof tent, Sleeping mattresses, Clean Sleeping bags, Camper Chairs, Camper table, Lamp, Torch, Kitchen ware, Storage box, Electric cooler box, Cutlery, Gas cooker / Cylinder, Jerrycan and Water Jugs among others.

The prices for renting a fully equipped Land Cruiser Rooftop Tent range from USD 80 to 95 per day.


The prices of the rental vary depending on which company you used, longevity of the rental and destinations.

Please note that all the prices quoted above exclude fuel and chauffeur services in case you needed them. A driver alone always costs between USD 30 to 40 depending on the places you will be traveling to, seniority of the driver in terms of guiding skills while on a Safari among others. These prices for the driver always include his accommodation, lunch and other meals as well as upkeep during the rental period, so you don’t need to worry about his expense.

These vehicles can also come with Self drive Car rental extras such as Child sets, travel maps, Global Positioning System device and camping gear at a little extra cost ranging between USD 5 – 15 per each. Meanwhile, travel maps are always free with some companies.
In case you need chauffeur.


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