Smoked Fish on Bread

This is recipe using smoked or fried fish fillet is good for a quick snack as well as for a complete meal and quite nutritious.

125 grams
smoked fish filet (smoked trout used, tilapia, nile perch, etc could do)
1 paprika
1 tomato

black pepper to taste (or other type)

herbal salt

brown bread

white garlic sauce (optional)

1 cucumber (small)


Slice the vegetables as well as the bread
Place the fish onto the bread
In case you have no smoked fish, also nicely seasoned, fried tilapia, nile perch, etc fillet can do
Season with pepper, herbal salt, etc


In some countries, bread and there are lots of types of it, is used as more than a snack and together with some ingredients added to it is a complete meal. 2, 3 big slices like above are quite satisfying. I added a type of white garlic sauce. You may use it if you want or a “proper” salad dressing.


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