Yellow fever is another mosquito-borne disease that is endemic in this tropical belt. The disease is highly fatal for people who are not immunised. You are advised to take the vaccination at least once in 10 years, from the time you are one year old. Apart from the immigration officials asking for the yellow certificate, the vaccination protects the traveller from the disease.

Uganda is referred to as a global leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The HIV infection rates have been declining for 10 years. Adult prevalence is now estimated at 8.3%. But this reduced rate is still too high.
The main methods of prevention recommended by Government include abstinence from sex, faithfulness and condom use. If you must have sex outside a faithful sexual relationship, use condoms. Male and female condoms are widely and freely available in pharmacies, drugs shops, super markets and shops. For a dollar you can buy eight packets of male condoms or two packets of female condoms, each having three pieces.


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