Roof top tented land cruiser
A single roof top tented Land cruiser

Rooftop tents are a relatively new genre of camping gear in Uganda and gradually taking over the ordinary ‘dome’ ground tents that have been a ‘thing’ for over the years. Rooftop/ car-top or pop-up (to some) tents are essentially the tents that pop-up, or fold out, from on top of a vehicle.

In Uganda, they are mostly fitted on Toyota Land cruiser vehicle series of TZ, TX and GX among others and considered suitable for those doing car camping. To many, it is a new neat tool for campers due to its style for some situations.

A roof top tent on a Land Cruiser TZ

You may wonder why one may consider traveling along with a tent on the car instead of setting up one on the ground! To those that have already tasted it, already have the reasons and answers probably.

There is now a relatively growing number of Safari clients for Car Hire on Self-drive in Uganda asking for them. They are changing the way many camp with opening up new alternatives of getting a great night’s sleep in the outdoors. Here are the key points why you should try them out.

First timers to hire Roof top tented Vans may ask for assurance on why such a seemingly ‘light’ tent cannot fall off the vehicle. However, the curiosity is warranted; these vehicles are always darned with a good roof rack where the tent is firmly fitted. Some roof racks are built like a tank while others like rigid metallic panel.

These tents are always tested by winds in excess of 50 mph during their fixing process on top roof, and when one fails to withhold, it has failed and the roof rack has to be changed.

One of the top advantages of these tents is their easiness to set-up, thanks to their clever design. You can camp everywhere!! Just park your vehicle at your comfortable position in the campsite and push it (tent) up from the roof rack then bring down the ladder, in a few minute you will be done.

Roof top tent
A Roof top tent before its set up

Pack-up after camping is also easy, you can store bedding including the sleeping bags and others inside the tent if wanted. Most of these tents come with built-in foam mattress which is more comfortable. The tent is accessed from the ladder that you pull down to connect the roof rack to the ground that is around 7 – 8 feet off long.

We all know what sleeping in the wilderness can mean and what the nights can bring some times. Roof-top tents always give you an assurance of a safe and peaceful slumber. At higher chances, your sleep is protected from being disturbed by nasty creatures such as ants for instance the red ants and critters the ground, as well as dangerous reptiles like snakes (you never know).

Roof Top Tent Vehicles
Double Roof top tents

The rooftop tent setup also not only lifts you above rocks and uneven ground but also guarantees you more security and privacy than sleeping in a light tent on the ground that any one passing by can peep through. There are some trips that are kinda hard to opt for the camping way For instance those taking the Eastern part of Uganda due to the rugged nature of the landscape but the roof-top tent can be a get away from all of this.

Feel the true feeling of a wild perspective at campsites by trying out the Roof top tented vehicles. You will never look back after just one night’s camping in your roof top tent van.


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