Planning a Uganda road trip? Is it a guided safari in Uganda? Located in East Africa, Uganda has a diverse landscape that encompasses high mountains such as mountain Rwenzori that favors various touristic activities for example mountain climbing and immense lakes such as Lake Victoria that supports different aquatic life.

The pearl of Africa is a land of rain- stained forests and misty hills that house the great apes of the jungle, hippos humph freely through the wetlands and lions laze in the acacias.

Uganda has abundant wildlife as well as rare bird species plus abundant sunshine that support vegetation growth making the environment a safe place to be. Uganda has many touristic destinations that favor different activities. The five of the best places to visit Uganda include;

    Kampala is the main commercial town and capital of Uganda. It is also a center for national and commercial business bordering Lake Victoria on one end and equatorial rain forests on the other end. It’s a year –round destination, with cool weather caused by high land setting and breeze from both the forests and the lake. Kampala was originally built on seven hills; these include kasubi hill, Mengo hill, Kibuli hill, and Namirembe hill, Rubaga, Nsambya and old Kampala hills.Kampala hosts many touristic destinations such as Bahai temple known as the mother temple of Africa and is situated on Kikaaya hill on the out skirts of the city. The soaring temple perched on the hill’s crest, blends with the scenic view that projects harmony and joy. It has a very beautiful outlook that pulls ones’ attention endlessly.Uganda museum which exposes the country’s heritage through an extensive collection of art-facts. It displays and exhibits ethnological, natural-historical and traditional life collections of Uganda’s’ heritage. It’s situated on kira road in the outskirts of Kampala.The Kasubi tombs. Known as the burial grounds for four fallen Kabakas (kings) and other members of the royal family. The site is an active cultural spot in the Buganda kingdom; the Kabaka is the unquestioned symbol of spiritual, political and social state of the Buganda federal unit. It’s a very valuable place to the tourists who are interested in culture of the locals.

    Gaddafi national mosque built on the old Kampala hill, which is one of Kampala city’s seven hills. It can be viewed from all corners of Kampala and one cannot go without a glimpse of it. It has a colorful structure with its magnificent features of art that was built and designed basing on a mixture of cultures of Arabs. The mosque is highly recommended for religious and cultural visitors.

    Rubaga cathedral. The cathedral of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Kampala and the oldest Roman Catholic diocese in Uganda, Rubaga is the place to be. It is the home church of catholic archbishop of Kampala. Many religious tourists opt for the cathedral for spiritual renewal.

    The independence monument. Standing majestically at a height of 6metres is a must see for travelers interested in learning the political history of Uganda. It is situated in the heart of Kampala city and one of the most distinctive landmarks of Uganda.

    The independent monument depicts a man unwrapping a child and raising it to touch the sky. It signifies a new born country left free from bondages of colonialism and imperialism.
    Travelers who pass via Kampala carry cameras with them because the place is a good sight for photography.

    Located at the northern end of the Albertine rift valley, Murchison falls national park harbors a stunning waterfall, plus diverse wildlife habitats such as forests and grasslands that support animal life like the lions, elephants, Jackson heartbeats and warthogs that are a very rich potential source of tourism.The Albert Nile through the park supports aquatic life such as crocodiles, snakes and hippos. The Nile also favors activities like boat cruise. While on a boat cruise, tourists stand a chance to view as many birds as possible flying in the air with others standing on the luscious vegetation along the Nile hence making the travelers experience so memorable.
    Situated on mountainous, densely forested terrain, the park is best known for viewing rare mountain gorillas. Tourists opt for this park mostly to participate in gorilla trekking.The Bwindi National Park, together with Mgahinga gorilla national park are the sole habitats for mountain gorillas in Uganda, and they boast approximately 500 mountain gorillas, almost half of the entire gorilla population in the world.Taking a tour to this spot will reward you with endless opportunities to view the critically endangered gorillas at a very close distance, as they go around their daily activities.
    Located in southwestern Uganda, this enthralling place has a diverse ecosystem with a variety of wild life for example the hippos that humph through the wetlands and the endless bird species that are eye catching.The park is home to the tree-climbing lions in Ishasha sector, leopards and buffaloes, and up to 500 bird species, more than any other destination in East Africa.Being a diverse place that offers touristic activities, Queen Elizabeth national park attracts quite a big number of visitors than any other park in Uganda.
    Lying in the rugged, semi-arid valleys between Uganda’s boarders with South Sudan and Kenya, Kidepo has a profusion of big game and hosts over 77 mammal species as well as around 475 bird species.The park is the most isolated national park but a few tourists who make it there, and get involved in different activities like game drives, associating with the locals live to tell an endless story.If you only have a busy safari package to be spent exploring must-see attractions, don’t forget including the above mentioned destinations because the happiness and satisfaction yielded from being there can’t just be told.


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