When it comes to group safaris, renting a coaster or minibus should be a must in your travel itinerary. Group tours in Uganda have become the most sought after experiences and coaster buses are ideal means of transportation that you should think about to make your dreams come true in Africa. They are reliable, relatively affordable and more convenient for bigger group travelers whether for one day, city tours, weddings, conferences, sight seeing, airport transfer or Uganda safaris in the wilderness national parks. Our fleet range from the relatively cheaper 4 by 4 coaster buses and minivans with a carrying capacity of around 7 to 30 and even 45 passengers and interestingly, they are designed in such a way that visitors get the best services. They can be hired plus experienced driver. Renting a coaster or minibus plus a driver comes with several benefits and some of them include the following;

A driver is more convenient

Renting a coaster in Uganda is perfect for group safaris. It allows you to enjoy the most comfortable tour as it comes with a well trained and experienced driver who is knowledgeable not only about the car his to drive but also about the destination you wish to visit, routes and what attractions to enjoy. You will certainly enjoy the freedom as you will simply sit back as the driver does his work and it saves those who can’t drive for longer distant tourist destinations and at end of the day, you will have the least stressful safari in life.

Allows you to make your own schedules

Renting a coaster bus or minibus for Uganda safaris and a driver offers you opportunity to organize and customize your tour based on your travel interest. Rather than planning a day around set times, you can specify the time that you wish to be dropped off and picked up by your driver. This helps you to customize your journeys to suit within your group and ensure that you get to opportunity to view and perform a lot more activities as many times as you can.

Value for money

Minibuses are entirely pocket friendly compared to the rest of transportation means and the benefits that accrue from hiring one makes you realize value for your money. During day tours, it is easier for you to spend significant amount of money while on public means especially for areas with various roads. Hiring a coaster then becomes the best alternative. It comes with enough space for you to stretch the legs, packing your property and allows you to socialize with the rest of the visitors.

Perfect for city tours

The coasters are popularly used for group travel and they are of great advantage if they are rented plus the driver who has much knowledge about new destinations that you may not be familiar with. Drivers are able to give suggestions about which attraction and restaurant to pay a visit to while on Uganda safari.

In conclusion, relatively affordable minibus rental is perfect for bigger group travelers whether a one way trip like airport transfer or prolonged rental for longer tours. Renting a coaster and driver on a Uganda safari offers you a convenient and comfortable vacation. For further information, you can simply contact us and we shall be there to help you achieve your dreams in Africa.


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