Ugandan Rolex

In Uganda, a rolex is not a watch! This is one of the most popular roadside foods in Uganda. It is an omelette rolled in a chapatti with two or more eggs. Depending on your appetite, you can carefully mix tomatoes, onions and cabbages into your ingredients to make its taste better.

How to Make a Rolex

Learning how to make a rolex or chapattis, does not require extraordinary skills. You need no school to learn how to make a rolex. It is something easy to learn just by following the steps being used by the chapatti or Rolex seller.

Derived from the Indian influence, chapatti is flour dough they make and leave over night in small piles to be rolled out with a small wooden rolling pin and then lightly fried on the stove/pan.

Chapatti alone is also sold everywhere, cheap, filling and efficient. Others eat chapatti alone with tea or beans and that’s a meal for a day.


Put oil on the pan. Flattens the mixed wheat with your hands and fry it up.Once the omelette is made right, you are almost there. Cut tomatoes, onions and cabbage and mix them within a cup or bowl. You can also add carrots, Royco and green pepper depending on your choice. Don’t forget to add salt to bring out the taste.

Frying the Rolex

Pour it on the same pan as the chapatti is made on.

Fry it up real good and flip it with your hands or a proper too.

Next and the most important thing is to add the chapatti on top of the omelette so it also heats up and gets some extra oily juices. Roll it all up nicely and tight (the chapatti and fried omelette.)

Here it is ready to be packed for the customer.


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