Not so many years ago, nudity was sacred to most societies in Uganda and Africa at large. Even the existing media by then among which were UTV, New Vision, Daily Monitor and Sanyu FM put this into consideration in their coverage and so were actors and musicians.

In the picture, socialite, Zari is seen comfortably seated in a bath tab feeding her eyes with the sexy magazine.

However, this totally changed as 2000’s set in. This era saw Uganda get its among other things, the first tabloid newspaper, mushrooming media houses and musicians in the country.

The coming of these tabloids had no problem because they provided employment to Ugandans but the issue is the impact they had on the Ugandan society.

“You will turn in a prostitute when you get old.” This is how our grandparents would warn our sisters against putting on skimpy or short skirts.

If they were still with us, this is how they would describe most of the female public figures in Uganda and they would be correct! They have now gone as far as ripping off their clothes.

This is embarrassing. If I wanted fame, I would refuse to show my bum. Why? Because I have a terrible fear if the photos/ videos go public.

This terror comes from the experience I got during my holidays in the village. While showering in unfinished bathroom, I was told I had been seen showering and the shame was unbearable — which raises a question: Why are these female celebrities comfortable of even having videos and photos taken while nude?

Yes, some may argue: they are courageous young ladies, it is their bodies being exposed while others argue the photos were originally private or to be made by their ex-partners over sour relationships, but for what purpose would one take these photos/ videos in the first place?

There is a long list of female public figures who have gained fame without tearing off their clothes. Joanita Kawalya, the late Sarah Birungi, Mariam Ndagire, Ruth Wanyana and Betty Mpologoma. Irene Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomoozi at once wore obscenely tight clothes, but never removed them.

However, this seems to have changed of recent with nude photos and videos of several female figures leaking to the public.

The taking of nude photos or videos, in many ways, the apotheosis of this new nudity trend rather than the genesis.

Am I happy about this situation? No. Is it because of the drafts? Yes, but there’s more. I expect our female public figures to behave like my real Ugandans.

Here’s the main reason why nudity makes me anxious: The characters are always in the media and the public follows up on whatever they do.

They become our friends and idols. So because they are our idols, we expect them to behave like my real mentors/idols. But instead they are going berserk. They are constantly tearing off their foundation garments, right there in front of us.

Reading and watching on TV Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema, you like to be like her. Watching singer, Cindy’s music videos, she becomes your idol. Watching Zari’s reality show, it is such a life you would wish to live. Reading and following up on model Judith Heard’s life, a great and successful model like her you would want to become.

Unfortunately they do not seem to realize the impact they have on the population. They insist on disrobing in front of us and showing us their private parts.

Okay, there may be many out there doing this but so far it is these that have been exposed.

Real mentors/ idols do not go nude to get fame.

If, like me, you live in Kampala, then the girls nudity situation is even more complicated. The nude photos are everywhere that they would hardly go to any public place after exposure.

I encountered Cindy at Club Rouge of recent. I wanted to say “I have seen your bum, which is strange because I have had friends for years and not seen their bums, and yet yours is more than familiar”, but somehow managed not to.

When it comes to TV bum-showing, we are facing a changed landscape. TV is now littered with body parts. Channel surfing is like the first copies of Red Pepper (featuring a dozen or so naked women).

In years to come, when Cindy or Judith Heard is reading through old newspapers with her grandkids, she can always say, “Yes, that’s my face but the bum and boobies are from another girl.”

Between those wicked drafts and my confusion over real Idols, going nude is never a source of fame to me. Unless, of course, when desperate or ready to stand the shame once they go public.



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